Downtown Napa, California

A small residence in downtown Napa that would serve as a retreat and entertaining space for client Johnny Westbrook. The design maximizes a very narrow lot by taking the parking garage below grade. The overall layout is split between the entertaining space towards the street, an outdoor gathering space on the ground level, and a two-story private zone towards the back with a home office and small garden area at ground level and a master suite above.

This simple animation was achieved by building the structure entirely in 3D Studio Max using reference drawings that Daniel Frederick had drawing using Archicad. The sequence was rendered using flat materials, primarily bounced light, with some small point light sources on the interior to exhibit the transparency and interior content of the  of the floorplan layout.

The construction method to be concrete core-filled styrofoam blocks for the exterior walls and prefabricated radiused wooden trusses, and rolled copper for the roof. 

Napa Residence

PROJECT TITLE: Johnny Westbrook Residence

LOCATION: Downtown Napa, California

DESIGN: Daniel Frederick Architect