Experimental Sculpture III

The idea for this sculpture originated from seeing artists stack and balance stones in Sausalito, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. My intent is to develop a randomly generated pattern language of stacked shapes would fit together in one way to achieve a result, similar to wooden puzzles that my father had made for me as a child. The secondary exploration in this design was to experiment with color and texture, and to combine the drawing language of architecture with sculpture. 

I seek to find a real-world adaptation for this design using real-world materials of substantial mass and stability at full scale that when formed and stacked in this configuration would stand alone as a unique architectonic expression. As a prototype, I intend to create a 3D printed model of this design that incorporates interlocking mortice and tenons between the pieces, resulting in the final form, or derivatives thereof.

Staked rocks 2.jpg